Papergirl is a project that was started by Aisha Ronniger in 2006 as a reaction to Graffiti laws in Berlin. The idea behind it was to bring art to new audiences via the giving of an unexpected gift.

Ronniger's idea has found kindred spirits across the globe, with Papergirl events springing up in the UK, US, Turkey, all across Europe and loads of other places!

Papergirl is Participatory, Analogue, Non-commercial and Impulsive.

Papergirl works to the idea that artists should be given every opportunity to show their work, whilst simultaneously increasing their audience.

Papergirl has an open call, an exhibition, a bike surgery and then an action. During the action, all the work from the show will be given out paperboy-style to the unsuspecting public!!

Papergirl London is preparing to open submissions on the 1st of May 2012!

If you have any queries about Papergirl, or want to get involved with the nitty gritty behind the scenes of Papergirl London get in contact at:

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